About Us


Family company incorporated in 2000

Since the very beginning up until today, we have specialized and upgraded in the processes of printing, lamination, cutting and complete preparation and production of polymer plates.

Investing in new/contemporary machines, technology and training of professional staff is our priority, thus we are always ready to accept and realize the standards of our home and the international market, as well.

Flexo Print is a company that offers designed flexible packaging for its clients. This opportunity arises from its organization, designed to bring creative and innovative solutions through effective project management in collaboration with the clients.

Flexo Print has been investing in maintaining continuous growth since its incorporation and it is a reliable partner for your current and future packaging needs. Our company keeps up with your needs and tries to shape your packaging with the same color shades at all times. TP Flexoprint Skopje is in line with the requirements of ISO 9001/2015 which meets all processes of planning and development, production and quality control, sales and complete safety of the above. Today Flexoprint has 50 employees and is constantly growing and developing. Our clients are the foundation on which we build our responsibility and commitment.


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